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YouTube to mp3 Converter

We offer high quality Mp3 converting solutions.
You can choose from many output formats.
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Our converter works fine on your computer, your tablet and even your smartphone.
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Use our YouTube to MP3 Converter for fast and easy conversion of YouTube videos into MP3 files. This converter is known for its ease of use and cross platform compatibility.

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Description of our YouTube to MP3 Converter


This converter lets its users to specify videos on YouTube and have them downloaded and then converted into MP3 files. Other output options include FLV, AVI, WMV and MP4. You can use this converter to do any of the following: -Download YouTube videos in their source quality -Organize downloads from YouTube into easily searched playlists -Convert your own locally stored HD video -Convert downloads from YouTube in any of the following ranges: 240, 360, 480, 720HD and 1080HD -Use the "Enter a link" option to download straight through direct links YouTube to MP3 Converter is free of both ad- and spy-ware. It costs you no money to use, and it's safe for any Windows machine. Install it with security and confidence thanks to a unique digital signature from a digitally verified publisher. Sponsored by a company specialising in getting you more youtube views for your social media campaigns. Always free, YouTube to MP3 Converter installs in mere seconds for users of Windows 7, Vista or XP. Quick downloads Download your favorite YouTube hits fast. Simple conversion All you have to do is choose your preferred file format. HD formats included Convert any video to high-quality options like FLV, WMV, AVI, and both MP3 and MP4 Easy user interface for downloads Organize all downloads with an intuitive manager


Step 1: YouTube to MP3 Converter download and installation


To get going, you just need to download a file to your system and then execute the program to get the installation and process started. This initial file is only 158kb, as quick a download as is humanly possible. A standard setup wizard takes over and walks you through your PC installation on any Windows 7, Vista or XP machine.


Step 2: Program launch


Launching the YouTube to MP3 Converter program Once installed, check your Desktop for an icon saying "List of Downloads." Click in to launch the software. Alternatively, hit the Start button, choose All Programs, looked under Sevas-S, and you'll see it there too. The user interface is self-explanatory. Your download list includes various details like file size, content length, conversion options and even useful direct links to the folders with the specific content in question. Power users can find options for filtering clips with the search bar. The overall software includes other possibilities: -direct link YouTube downloading -converting media content on your local machine to an HD format -playlist organization of YouTube content downloaded -Feedback options -playlist clearing -consulting the status line about the number of files


Step 3: Use the "Enter a Link" option for file download and conversion


YouTube to MP3 Converter: the "Enter a Link" power If you want to navigate yourself to a particular page on YouTube, you don't have to use the "Enter a Link" option. If you do however, just click on the actual button, copy and paste the video URL in, and YouTube to MP3 Converter takes care of the download for you. Do note that YouTube to MP3 Converter features browser integration. You'll see a Download button underneath YouTube videos along with the usual options of Share, Add to, Dislike and Like. Clicking this Download button will pop up the interface of YouTube to MP3 Converter and start the download of the video on that page.


Step 4: Picking output and where to save


YouTube to MP3 Converter: Your preferred file format As noted earlier, downloading is as easy as putting the video URL into the interface or clicking on the video page's Download button. Once you do this, you are prompted for what specific file output format you want, and where you want it saved. These are always personal preferences. So, YouTube to MP3 Converter makes downloading and converting quick and easy, and is readily preset to make high quality content straight from the source. Go for 1080p or 720 if you want HD quality, but remember that 240, 360, and 480 are still there if you want them. Once you choose the output file format and where you want it to be saved, those options will display in your download list. You can even use YouTube to MP3 Converter's interface to watch videos and listen to your music or audio.


Step 5: Local HD conversion


YouTube to MP3 Converter: Video conversion YouTube to MP3 Converter has the power to convert video formats from one to another, among the content you already have downloaded and saved. For instance, if you pull down a video in AVI format but would like a copy in MP4 instead, the app has an easy option for that conversion to happen. To do it, just find the button that says "Convert a File" and click it. The pop up windows that follow allow you to make your choices. YouTube to MP3 Converter is the sturdiest converter you'll find online. There are servers online around the clock to handle these conversions for you, and we never require registration or sign up for this feature. There are no limits. YouTube's high-quality video content Pull MP3 downloads straight from YouTube source FLV files No-audio-quality loss in blazing fast MP3 conversion Razor-edge burst and hyper-threaded tech Limitless free downloads and conversions